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A LONG RUN - We would like to get your feedback!

Please take a few minutes and give us your feedback on our movie, “A Long Run.”

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How many miles a week do you run?
If you don't run, did you find this film inspiring? Why?
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Do you watch movies very often? How many per month? Do you ever watch documentaries?
If you watch running films, what was the last one you saw before A LONG RUN?
Did you watch A LONG RUN in a theater, DVD or online?
What attracted you to this movie?
What was your favorite scene in the movie? (if you have more than one please let us know)
Was there any part of the movie that you found offensive?
What did you think about the music in the movie?
Would you see the movie again?
 Who was your favorite character, besides Bob, and why?
Do you have any ideas on how you promote this film? Do you want to help?
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